Janice Zhang 张怡 中英文爱情诗 (场景:溪间、海边、井底)

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Haiku 三言俳句
By: Janice Zhang 张怡

Crossing the summer stream
With smiley face
Sandals in my hand, giggles in the wood


Beach Vacation
By: Janice Zhang

At the end of the day
The only one I want
to caress is you

At the last drop of Martini
The only one I want
to make love to is you

You watch the changing light 
Above the sea
I watch your eyes

Angel with Broken Wings
By: Janice Zhang

Alone I sit here
Empty and cold
Weeping, till
The last glimpse of light’s gone

Flying high when love first struck us
We Twinkled with the stars, And
Shone with the moon
But one-day Cupid reclaimed his arrow
I fell …
Deep down in a well

I pray … For my
Voice be heard
Mistake be forgiven
Wings be mended

Missing you the most
I lost my sense of hope
Would you come back for me?
If I may…
beg you to…

Would you?

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